Project pricing

Start building your web app for free โ€” upgrade as you scale! ๐Ÿš€



For hobby projects

  • Public project
  • Non-commercial project
  • Full-featured toddle editor
  • Community support via Discord
  • Free domain
  • toddle branding
  • Max 1 million requests

Private project



Enjoy toddle free of charge!



For teams of max 3 people

  • Everything included in ๐Ÿงถ Hobby
  • Custom domain
  • No toddle branding
  • Support via email
  • Free kickoff call with a toddle engineer

Per 1M requests above 1M


Private project


Per user 1 user



Save $48.00 by switching to yearly



For larger commercial teams

  • Everything included in ๐Ÿš€ Startup
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Premium support
  • Uptime SLA

About our plans


Projects are public per default

toddle projects are public per default to encourage the toddle community to share and learn from each other.


Projects can be turned private

If you prefer to work in stealth mode โ€” you can opt in for a private version of your plan. In this way your project is hidden for the public.


Commercial projects should use a Startup plan

If you promote a product or service we consider you a Startup user. We think its fair to charge you if you are doing business. We'll reach out if needed.


Projects are limited to 1M requests

Requests are both app visits and API calls โ€” 1 million is a lot! Weโ€™ll make sure to flag your usage if it gets out of hand.


All plans have a full-featured editor

All plans have access to a full-featured toddle editor. Everyone should be able to try out toddle for FREE!


The Pro plan is for larger teams

When you scale beyond 3 people we recommend our Pro plan โ€” we are ready to discuss a custom plan for an optimal setup.