Connect to anything with a REST API

Connect toddle to any application with a REST API or Webhooks. We want to give you the full flexibility to build powerful web apps.


Connect toddle to any app with a REST API.


Provide other applications with real-time information from your app with Webhooks. Deliver data to other applications as it happens, and get your data immediately.


Use Airtable as your backend for your toddle web application. Pull data directly from an Airtable database and show it in the right context and presentation with toddle.


Launch your professional web app on one of the best no-code backends available today.


Bring your Coda docs front and center with toddle. You can now use Coda as your backend for your powerful web app.


Display content directly from Contentful and enable more flexibility for your digital experiences across multiple channels.


Post changes in your web app directly to your community on Discord or message a channel based on specific events, like signups, in your toddle app.


Work with NLP models or repositories directly from Huggingface and build powerful AI applications that automate tedious processes.

Automate tedious processes or start flows based on specific actions in your web app. Make enables you to connect toddle to almost any app.

OpenAI - Dall-E / ChatGPT

Build on top of OpenAIs natural language processing models and create rich applications with Artificial Intelligence.


Build your next project with Supabase; an open-source Firebase alternative. A Supabase backend is built in a weekend and scales to millions.


Power your next web application with beautiful images from Unsplash. Create a beautiful weather app that returns beautiful images from the location shown.


Power your application with Xano's no-code backend and ensure that your application loads lightning-fast anywhere.


Use GraphQL for fine-grained data retrieval, projects with rapidly evolving front-end requirements, and data aggregation across multiple data sources.


Embed a Spline component directly in toddle and show beautiful 3D models directly in your app or component.


Accept payments in your web app with Stripe. It's an easy to set up payments infrastructure that will get you started in no time.

Want to connect to more tools?

Connect toddle to anything with a REST API. Get the flexibility to connect to any tool. We will continue to build support for the tools you need.