Why toddle does not have a database

Modern web applications consists of two parts.A frontend that runs in the users browser and a backend that runs on one or more servers operated by the service provider.

With toddle we have chosen only to focus on the frontend. There are a few reasons for this:

The frontend and backend of an application are fundamentally different. They have different requirements, and different responsibilities within your application. They also have different security implications, and different performance profiles etc. A single tool that handles both would still fundamentally be split in two.

The code runs on different machines. This means that all data passed between the two have to be transferred over a network via a protocol (Usually HTTP). As a result, you can make as good integrations across different tools as your could if both parts were built with the same tool. The benefit of using a single tool for both are minimal.

There are some great backend tools out there . toddle works with any backend and there are some truly great tools out there like Xano, Fastgen and Supabase. We believe that collaborating with these tools instead of competing with them is the best way to serve our users.

It makes toddle better. Focusing on a single part of you application stack, lets us build the best toll we can without dividing our attention by trying so solve several different problems at once.

We wrote more about the topic here.