Unsplash uses a REST API, and it’s easy to fetch images directly from their service and use them in your toddle app. 

You can explore their entire API documentation here .

How do I connect toddle to the Unsplash API? 

Most actions can be performed without requiring authentication from a specific user. For example, searching, fetching, or downloading a photo does not require a user to log in.

To authenticate requests in this way, pass your application’s access key via the HTTP Authorization header:

Insert the URL to the Unsplash API in the GET field: https://api.unsplash.com, and then insert your access key in the red field. You can get your access key by signing up for an Unsplash account.

  • Click on your apps.
  • Request a new app.
  • Get your key.
Integrate with Unsplash

You can create many cool things with Unsplash, like this weather app that dynamically fetches images based on the weather conditions of your current location.