The bottom bar

The bottom bar is always visible and offers helpful actions and shortcuts.

  • On the far left you can see a list of users who are currently editing the same branch as you using live collaboration.
  • Next you have Undo and Redo buttons (Shortcuts āŒ˜/CTRL+Z and āŒ˜/CTRL+SHIFT+Z)
  • Third from the left are quick buttons for switching viewport size in the canvas. (Shortcuts 1, 2, and 3) followed by canvas zoom controls.
  • Clicking the academic cap will open these docs pages in a panel inside the editor.
  • Third from the right you will find a play / pause button that lets you toggle between Edit mode and Test mode.
  • Just before the blue publish button you will find the preview button which will open the current page in a new tab for preview.
  • Finally we have the Publish button which will let you publish the change of your current branch.