Export component

☝️ Disclaimer: Export as web-component is a paid feature only!

toddle components can live outside of toddle when exported as web components.

Export as web-component

Step 1

Click the

Step 2

Export component dialog

Step 3

Copy the code snippet to any page you'd like and you should see your component live! Any changes in the editor will be reflected in your component.

☝️ For production-use, you should always export your component from the " main" branch.

Self-host toddle components

Sometimes you may want to host your toddle creations yourself instead of relying on toddle's infrastructure.

Keep in mind, by self-hosting you no longer benefit from our toddle cloud workers. This means you won't have access to some features unless you set these up for yourself. The toddle Cloud handles a lot for you:

  • Live updates when you edit your component in the editor
  • Server Side Rendering
  • Global distribution on all continents
  • Smart caching strategy