Creating a new page

A page is a part of your application that has its own unique URL. This allows users to share links to a specific page in your app.

☝️ Pages are essentially just components and have all the same features. The biggest difference is that pages do not have Attributes and Events since they never have a parent component they need to communicate with

You can create new pages by clicking on the "Create New +" button in the bottom of the project panel and then selecting "New Page".

You can now Give your page a name and a URL path that the page should be found on.

Path and query

In stead of the Attributes and Event sections you see with components you will see a Page section in the data panel.

You can open the page configuration panel by clicking the page in this section.

At the top you will see a URL preview, which shows how the URL for this page will look.

☝️ If you are not familiar with how URLs are structured we recommend first reading our post about URLs

You can alter the path of your page, by adding or removing path segments. You can also specify any query parameters that your page will use.

We will cover path parameters and query parameters in the next page

Configuring metadata

Each page in your application should have a unique title and description.

These provide basic information about your page to search engines, and when e.g. sharing links on social media sites.

☝️ The title you set here will also appear as the title for the tab in your browser

Make sure your title and descriptions are short and clear about what content the user can expect to find on the page.

You can also add custom meta headers to your page. This could include additional open graph data or viewport information .