Buildship is a low-code back-end builder that lets you create powerful APIs, workflows, scheduled jobs in minutes. BuildShip makes it super easy for you to build a backend for your Toddle applications visually,

Buildship comes with a ton of built-in functionality like integrations to database (
Firebase , Supabase , Postgres etc). It also comes with support for a large number of LLMs and AI services with OpenAI, Replicate as well popular tools like Stripe, SendGrid and others. It even comes with a prebuilt database, Cloud Storage on Google Cloud that you can access with zero config.

Best part is if if they don't have what you need, you can create your own workflow steps using AI.

If you are looking to build the next big AI app, or powerful backend for your Toddle apps - Buildship has you covered.

Learn how to use Buildship with toddle here: