Adding scripts and links to the page head

toddle is designed to provide you with everything you need to build your application. There may however be times when you want to add external scripts to your site. This could be to embed tools like Intercom, or Userflow, or to include fonts that are not currently supported in toddle.

In the URL panel under the section Head Assets, you can add script, link and style tags to your page head. Some tools like prefer that their scripts are added to the page head, so that they are loaded before the main content of the page.

☝️ Be very careful when loading external JavaScript! You are essentially trusting the script provider with access to all the data available on the page. Unless you are 100% sure you trust the provider DO NOT add any external scripts to your application.

Custom fonts

One use case for adding assets to the head is to load a custom font that is not yet available in toddle.

☝️ Always keep in mind that adding additional assets to the page head will increase the page load time . While lots of tools might seem useful, they often come with a degraded user experience due to slower load times.